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Today was huge for me and I mean HUGE!! I've refrained from posting about my daughter for almost her entire life and decided that I was tired of my fear of some stalker to get the better of me. I know many of you know and remember him but I feel like the "Steve Story" is best saved for another day. I've gotten so many amazing messages and comments from you guys with all of your support. I thought that many of you would delete me or at least just comment with an "ok" but that's not the case!! I'm completely blown away and humbled by your amazingness! I can't believe how supportive you all are! I have yet to receive one rude comment or see any changes on my social media numbers. If anything my Instagram went up a few new followers with this news. I'm definitely going to bed today with the biggest smile on my face and my heart is so full!

If you haven't seen the post, this is what I wrote:

Taking a moment to reflect on how lucky I am. Today was my daughter's last day of first grade and I can't believe how much she has grown this year, and I don't just mean in height lol! I've hesitated in the past to post much about her but I've found it's harder and harder to not mention her. She's the most important thing in my life and I couldn't be more proud of the little human she's becoming. I hope that your view of me will not change with this.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support.

Oh and the second photo are these little treats I made for the kids in her class. #momlife #welcometosummer

Thank you again everyone for everything!!

xoxo Madeline



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