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As many of you may know I finally was able to get my facebook fan page back. You know the HUGE one with 1.2 million likes!! So I'm pretty freaking excited about it even days later! 😛 They had it down for about a year and a half but after my persistence and downright nagging to get it back, it finally paid off and I have it again!

Click here to go to my facebook fan page -> Facebook

OR Click the picture below and it will take you straight to the post!


The giveaway is the pinned photo on my facebook fan page and all you have to do to enter is:

  1. LIKE the photo
  2. COMMENT on the photo
  3. SHARE the photo
  4. and REPEAT, the more times you comment AND share the photo the more times you are entered to win!!

The winner will be announced on Christmas so make sure you keep checking back to my facebook page for details!

As always thank you for your love and support <3

xoxo Madeline



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